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When Bolton signs a player we generally know how much has been paid in transfer fees, the figures from are a good source.

The club has to pay the transfer fee to the selling club. In the club accounts it then has to report how much it views each player's worth has declined each year. So for example Elmander for 8,00,000 on a four year contract costs the club 2m per year. This is what is reported as 'amortisation' in the club accounts. At the end of the contract the player can just leave on a 'free' so he is viewed as potentially no worth to the business after that.

This only covers the costs for players bought in. So Joey O'Brien, for example, does not have any effect on the amortisation costs of the club, as he was never bought from another club. Also once a player has finished his initial contract he stops being counted. So Kevin Davies for example has no effect.

The huge increase from 2007 to 2009 shows the effects of club's transfer policy. The more they spend, then obviously the more it costs. Whether a club with the income of Bolton can afford this level of investment in players is highly dubious.


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