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The graph shows how the income has risen over the period.



The graph below shows the gate receipts, and average crowd, and how they  have changed over the years. These figures must be hugely worrying for the club. The club put this down to the lack of European games in 2009, despite not really taking European games that seriously the previous years.

That the average Premier crowd went up in 2009 and the income went down 30% is another worrying pointer. The club reduced ticket prices to attract fans in, which seemed to work, but it was at the cost of 1.6m. That the 2009-2010 season has shown a 10% drop in gates up to January would point to a further drop for the season.


The graph below shows the "broadcasting" income, this is generally the Sky money although the European games would bring come other income from Uefa. The club get this money from Sky just for being in the Premier League. The loss of it would be disastrous. The lower chart shows a split of all the income that comes into the club, and shows the huge dependence on Sky



As a comparison it may be worth looking at Portsmouth, who in the years up to 2007 had a similar income to Bolton. Their details are shown here, what it shows for them is that roughly 70% of the money they take in comes from Sky. This is a major worry for any team that is threatened with relegation.


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