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Interest Payments
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Interest Payments

Bolton has to pay out interest on loans taken out for various purposes.

The graph below shows that the club interest payments have steadily crept up, until 2007 when they more than doubled and then again in 2009 when they leapt up to 4.4m

For those whole like to think of these things in weeks, that payments comes to roughly 85,000 per week.

The club describe the interest payments as being due to "bank loans, overdrafts and other loans". However this is a bit misleading. The bank loans the club has come to 335,860 which even with the worst possible interest rate imaginable won't be racking up more than 30,000 in interest in the year.

The relevant loans all come from "the group", or the company which owns Bolton Wanderers known as "Burnden Leisure". They have loaned the club 62.4m. Part of this is loaned against the future Sky payments, so effectively lending the club money sure that it will come in later in the season.

The "group" also have included in the 62m an amount of 23m which they can demand back, if they wish, with one year's notice. This is being charged at 10% interest a year.

This last bit should be a cause of concern. If Mr Davies became bored with his toy, or his businesses became less profitable there would be a huge strain on Bolton. This is what happened with Rangers and Sir David Murray.

The amount being paid is a huge burden on the club. The big concern would be that the extra borrowing was to get in new players, who were all being paid big salaries and probably long term contracts. These costs cannot easily be dumped.


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