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Anything the club spends money on becomes an asset of the club. The payment for these assets may happen the day they are bought, or may be spread across the life of a loan, or a mortgage.

The club's accounts show the amount written off each year over the expected useful life an asset. So what the club "plant, fixtures and fittings" are written off over 3 to 13 years, cars over four years.. So a car costing say 20,000 would hit the books for 5000 per year.

Because these things are written off of such a long period the figures tend to vary very little on a year by year basis, and there is little that can be done to reduce the costs.

The graph below shows that, since the sale of Highfield Road, the costs are generally small. The increase in 2007 comes from the spending of over 700,009 across 2006 and 2007. It isn't clear what this is for, please contact us if you know.



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