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Coventry - Income

This graph shows  the money Coventry has taken in since 2000.

The total income since 2000 is just over 111m.

The amount of money coming into the club is key to its ability to compete. The graph shows perfectly the effect of not being in the Premiership. The last year in the top flight had an overall income of 23.9m. Dropping down clearly cost the club between 7m and 8m from the drop in Sky money, and the reduction in gate receipts. Once the parachute payments disappeared in 2004 a further 7m or so disappeared.

Currently the Sky money alone is worth a minimum of 30m a season, even for the bottom side.



The second graph shows the split of the income in 2007. The Gate Receipts are clearly the most important but the next graph shows that this is only because of the drop in Commercial (Sky) money.


The last few graphs show the amounts of money from each area over the last 8 years. The first shows how gate receipts, and shop revenue have been pretty steady over the years, but the Commercial and Catering have collapsed. Clearly not enough pies being eaten any more.


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