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Coventry - Profits

The graphs below shows the reported profits of Coventry.

There are two types of profit shown.

The "Operating Profit" shows how the club did with regard to on-going, repeatable business. This excludes things like transfer fees. As you cannot sell a Keane or a Boateng or a McSheffrey every season you cannot count it in your Operating Profit. You can though count it in your total profits (or losses).

It is pretty clear that the club was never in the position of making an operating profit. The only thing that dragged the figures upwards, although generally still to a loss was the sale of players.

Of all the pages on this site this one best highlights how the club was run up to its sale in 2007. The total operating loss over the 8 years shown was over 52m. The profits from selling players rescued the situation and the overall losses for the period came to 15m. With no obvious way forward, and things clearly worsening in 2007 in it clear how close the club were to bankruptcy. The debts page will look at this in a bit more detail.



The second graph shows the overall position for the Holding company. This highlights that the other parts of the business make the overall position worse not better. The overall loss of the whole business since 2000 comes to just under 32m.



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