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Everton- Income

Interest Payments

This graph shows the breakdown of the money Everton has taken in since 2002.

The total income since 1st August 2001 is just over 454m.

The amount of money coming into the club is key to its ability to compete. Over the last 8 years the annual turnover has more than doubled.

The 2009 turnover increased 4m on the previous season. The gate receipts increased 1.4m mainly form the FA Cup run. This compensated for the reduction in average league attendance to 35,667 from 36,904 in 2008.

The TV money increased 2m due to being televised 17 times.



The graph below shows how the income has grown over the last 8 year.


The final graph shows the split of the income for the 2009 season. This shows the huge dependency on the Sky money. As with nearly all teams in the Premiership Everton are at the whim of Sky's largesse. 49m from Sky and 30m from everything else.