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Everton - Payroll

Interest Payments

Payroll  covers all the people employed by the club, from the players, through the board members, through to the match day tea-lady.

Because the numbers are so large the club like to talk about the ratio of payroll to the amount of money coming in to the club. (Try and work out for yourself how much the players must be getting paid.) So for example in 2004 the payroll was 33.2m and the income was 44.3m, a ratio of just under 75% which is widely seen as an unacceptably high ratio.

Up to 2007 wages have generally been more than 60% of the money coming into the club, and this has been a huge contributor to the losses the club has made. The 2008 ratio looks far better, despite the leap in salary. This is down to the big increase in revenue form a combination of Sky money, and European games.

The payroll was fairly static up to 2005.  There was a leap in wages in 2006 due to having to pay more to attract players who wanted to play in the CL. This logic seems to be flawed and often means that when a team stops playing in the CL, and has implemented higher wages with long term contracts  without the guarantee of the extra money and it all ends in tears.

The 2008 figures suggest that a good bonus system is in place, as the increase in wages only happened when revenue increased.

To see how well Everton is being run, the comparison with Newcastle is again interesting. Newcastle wages were 70m in 2008, when Everton's were 44.5m !!