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Everton - Profits

Interest Payments


The graph below shows the reported profit of Everton.

The graph shows that Everton loses money every year, except those it sells a Jeffers or a Rooney. Of course the ideal situation is that the club invests every penny it has in improving the team on the pitch, without over stretching itself financially.

Without the Jeffers and Rooney sales the club would have lost 60m in the period shown, as it is that is "only" 37m. Although some of the Lescott money has been spent on Distin, Bilyaletdinov and Heitinga the club shoudl see a profit on the transfers overall for 2010

The big issue for Everton is undoubtedly the ground. Goodison has two restrictions that are limiting the club. The first is just the capacity, which at a maximum of 40,000 means the club just cannot get in the money-spinning  crowds for the big games. Linked with this is the lack of quality corporate areas. It may well be nice to say that there are no corporates there, and that all the fans are "real" fan, however the amount of money that they would add could make a huge difference. Spurs with similar restrictions still bring around 8m more from gate receipts.