Liverpool Income 

This graph shows the breakdown of the money Liverpool has taken in since 2000.

The total income in the 9 seasons since 1st August 2000 is just roughly 908m.

The amount of money coming into the club is key to its ability to compete. Over the last 5 years the annual turnover has increased roughly 70%. This is a fantastic improvement for any business.



Most of this extra money is from Sky payments, although there is a healthy increase in sponsorship money as well. The amount of money from "bums on seats" has grown", but not that much. Since 2001 Liverpool have made only 7m more from attendances than Newcastle. This shows clearly why a new ground is required.

The plans announced for the new stadium would transform this area, and should mean a huge boost to income. It will of course cost money to construct, but in the long run should be for the best.

The individual change in each of the areas is shown here.


The chart below shows the split of the income from 2008. "Media" means TV money which includes both Premier League and Champions League money. The money from the Champions League will be vastly reduced in 2009.