Liverpool - Where the money comes from

This graphs below show how the different areas have contributed to the club turnover.

The matchday receipts show the limitations of the ground capacity  and the desperate need for more seats. A larger ground would also hugely benefit from a Cup run.

The money from Sky has grown and grown, to become the main source of income for the club. The money received depends on the number of live games televised as well as the finishing position in the Premiership. 2008 was a good year with the Champions League semi-final, and a 4th place finish, the 2009 results should be similar with more Premier League money compensating for the only being in the Champions League quarter final. 2010 could show a sharp fall.

There is an obvious step change in sponsorship money as new partners appear. It looks likely that the sponsorship deals have a clause in them that Cup runs = more money.

The club also make a small amount of money from the Vistor Centre.