Liverpool - Transfers

The first graph shows the amount paid out by Liverpool to bring in new players in each season. These are the figures quoted in the accounts, not necessarily the figures quoted in the press, or on the site.

Over the period shown Liverpool paid out 323m on new players. Over the last four seasons shown the total amount spent on bringing in new players is 227m. Since the last accounts roughly 47m further has been spent. These are huge numbers, and show that the club have backed the manager to the highest level possible.

The white column shows the amount paid out, the yellow column shows the net amount. The difference is the money brought in from selling players. The net figure suggests little new spend is being allowed, the other way to view it is that the manager is regularly buying new players then rapidly selling them again.


As well as buying players Liverpool sell them. This graph shows the fees paid, and the amortisation (look on the "amortisation" page for an explanation !!!). This shows a rough average of the running costs of buying players. Currently this is over 30m a year, a very high figure.