Norwich - Delia's input

Norwich City is 61.2% owned by Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones.

Over the years they have bought shares in the club, and loaned the club money. They have also "persuaded" New Crane Limited who are Delia's publishers, to loan the club money.

The total amount of money put into the club since 2000 looks to be roughly 3.3m. This is now all in the form of shares with no loans outstanding. The 3.3m has increased their shareholding from 164,000 up to 327,000. The figures are not available to work out how much they had paid into the club prior to 2000.

Their loans to the club have been interest-free and the shares they have owned have not been ones that paid any dividends.

There may be some discussion about how well the club is being run, but there should be no doubt about the financial commitment that Delia and her husband have made to the club. They are not in it to make money, whcih cannot be said about all club owner.


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