Norwich - Income

This graph shows the total of the money Norwich has taken in since 1999.

The total income since 1st August 1999 is just under 138m.

The amount of money coming into the club is key to its ability to compete. It is clear to see the difference playing in the Premiership makes. The 2008 season figures show the effect of the loss of the Premiership parachute payments.


The breakdown of the club income has only been available since 2003 and the split is shown below. Again this emphasises the difference there is from playing in the Premiership and receiving the Sky money. The split isn't yet available for 2007 but it will be roughly the same as 2006. The 2008 figure for "FA and League Income" shows a drop to 2.6m having been 20m in the Premiership.


The final graph shows the split of the income for 2008. The TV money used to be vital now it is less than the Catering income.


The changes in the importance of each of the streams is shown here


Income Split
Staff & Payroll
Interest Payments
Director Pay