Norwich - Where the money comes from

This graphs below show how the different areas have contributed to the club turnover.  The club have only separated out the figures since 2003. Different clubs use different headings for their income so it is difficult to make direct comparisons.

The "FA and League Income" is what Norwich use to cover the money that comes from TV deals. The difference between being in the Premiership and not is very clear. The 2006 and 2007 figures come from the parachute payments made by the Premier League. For 2008 these will disappear and the amounts will drop back to 2004 values.


The "bums on seats" figure has been steady despite relegation. The early season crowds for 2007-20008 have stayed high, and the income looks steady.


The money from Catering is steady, but is dependent on the number of games played, and on non-football events such as concerts.


Norwich also split out two further groups of income. These are shown below. These are minor amountsin comparison to the others mentioned above.


Income Split
Staff & Payroll
Interest Payments
Director Pay