Norwich - Staff and Payroll

Payroll  covers all the people employed by the club, from the players, through the board members, through to the match day tea-lady. Norwich split out the football wages from the overall wages for the club. Most clubs don't as the player wages are usually so much higher than the rest of the staff.

There are two areas to watch. The obvious one is that that the wages just don't get too high. The graph shows the spike that there was for the Premiership year, and also that there was not an immediate drop back the first year down.

The second area to keep an eye on is the ratio of the wages to the income. Deloittes who do some in-depth analysis of football finances reckon the target for this ratio should be 50%. This allows the club to cope with the costs of running the business, buying the occasional player, running an youth development system, putting on games, maintaining the ground etc. Norwich seem to have this measure well under control, but season 2007-2008 may prove a big challenge. This is because the income from the parachute payments disappears. If the player wages remain the same then the club will immediately have their wages at 43%. As a comparison the figures for Hibs are interesting with their overall payroll lower, and their income higher.

A potential way to reduce wage costs is to develop kids. Both Hibs and Aberdeen make a big play on the fact that they need to develop young players, and that this is the only way to sustain the club in the long run.


The graph below shows the breakdown of the staff employed by Norwich

The number of players and coaches has been roughly level over the last 6 years.


The total wages bill for the club is shown below. This includes players and all other non-playing staff.


Income Split
Staff & Payroll
Interest Payments
Director Pay