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This graph shows the breakdown of the money Portsmouth has taken in since 2001

The total income since 1st August 2000 is just over 250m.

The amount of money coming into the club is key to its ability to compete. The difference between the income in the Championship, and that in the Premier League is clear to see. The huge leap in 2008 was from the new Sky contract kicking.


For the last three years Portsmouth have split their accounts to show where the money comes from, The graph below shows the change over these years. There is a small growth in all areas, however it is all swamped by the extra 24m that Sky put in in 2008.


The final graph shows the income for 2008 split into its various parts. This shows clearly how utterly dependent Portsmouth are on the Sky money. Relegation to the Championship, and not returning immediately would mean a potential drop of 60% of income for the club. The matchday income of 12m shows how limited the club are by Fratton Park.


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